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Residential. Virus and Spyware Removal

Maintain your privacy and protect your investment.

Viruses and Malware lead to downtime plain and simple. Our experienced and certified technicians not only remove the threats that plague your system but we also take the extra measure in implementing preventive measures so that the threats will not return.

Purchasing a new machine is not necessary in most instances. A simple hardware upgrade or machine maintenance is all that is needed. So why spend over $1000 for a new computer when you can resolve the actual problem for a fraction of the cost? Let us Help you and save YOU money.

Online Pc Computer Tech Support

Technology today has provided us a unique opportunity to provide online PC support for your clients. This allows us to entend our operating hours to essentially whatever timeframe is most convenient for our clientelle.

Schedule with a live technician right away and get 30 minutes of service for only

* additional time is billed at $25.00/15 minutes

$32.50Get connected right now!

Computer Consulting

We specialize in computer repair but we also provide additional services for our clientelle.

Home Network Support

We can connect all the hardware and all of your machines to your own Home network so that each machine can communicate with each other.

Microsoft Office Training

We can arrange to provide classroom training for groups of 10+ or more with our Certified trainers.

Live Presentation Support

Are you hosting a large presentation that involves the use of technology? Do you require a tech onsite to assist you in the event something goes wrong? Hire us to be your backup support.

For Immediate Onsite or Remote Support

tel. 347-640-3444

Our usual turnaround time is 1 Business Day.

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