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Data Recovery New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island

Damaged hard Drive?  STOP!
Don’t make it worse!
Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

Sometimes you can’t avoid the inevitable. Hardware does not last forever. However, just because all hope may seem lost, it doesnt necessarily mean thats the case.

We can either pick up the hard drive or you can mail it to us.

We do not charge if we are not able to restore your data.

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Mobie Device Recovery Service

Cracked iPhone Screen? Device not powering on?

Dont spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new device or force yourself into a mobile phone contract you know you don’t want to be tied to.

Let us work on your device for you and get you up and running without the hassle.

Here are some of the most
common data recovery
services we provide:

  • Hard drive makes clicking sound
  • Mechanical hard drive failure
  • Hard drive surface damage
  • Accidental data or file deletion
  • Deleted or corrupted log file
  • File system corruption
  • Laptop Hard Drive recovery
  • Inaccessible drive files
  • External drive turns on but no files